Tuesday, April 27, 2010

busy days

Pickles, all enjoying the day outside
Scrapping old plaster off brick walls. tearing out floor, new floor joists are on the list.
Bill and i have been working on the building, between mushroom hunting and bicycling and working in the yard. I now have 2 yards to try and keep the weeds at bay. I get up every sunny day and put the poochies out in the yard. Then i try to figure out the plan of action for the day. I try to squeeze as much into one afternoon as possibly can. At least 1 hour or 2 hours of bike riding. 1 or 2 hours of yard work. Then work at the building till i have to go to work. If it's raining or 30 mile an hour winds i forget about all the above, just enjoying a lazy day.


Gary said...

cc, Whew, I had to take a break just from reading about all you get done ... And I bet every one that meets those 3 cuties become putty in their paws ... - G

Sweet Repose said...

You make my brain hurt...why...cause I'm doing the same thing, minus the bike riding...are you going to leave the walls bare in the building??? What a fun place to play...love the dog portraits, they melt my heart...and that new playground will be as perfect as the home place, no doubt in my mind!!!


Sweet Repose said...

PS...I love the shape of your new lamp...it is simply divine and I'm sure a perfect addition to your fairyland...you da man girl!!!

Bohemian said...

I'm quirky about layers of aging on walls, I love it "As Is" the way you have it in that last shot... perfection IMO.

And what an adorable face your Fur Baby has! I didn't mean to spend all Morning perusing your Archives but now I cannot help myself... ah, well, I can enroll the G-Kids in School later I suppose... *winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian