Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring bulb pics

I always say that i'm planting more tulips but, it never happens. There is always to many other flowers on the list.


Chris said...

Aren't the flowers just so crazy this year? Everything is so ahead of schedule. My azalia just bloomed! My husband keeps thinking it will snow soon, it can't possibly stay this nice. I hope he's wrong.

A Wild Thing said...

The only buds I have are my fruit trees...nuttin' else, your yard is always so fabulous!!!

LOVE the linoleum and Bill's ladders, something I would've never thought about collecting.

Love the tunes too(Mikael Jackson)...can't wait to build a funky lil' chicky condo, gonna make it outa old doors and windows, so I can watch the hens do their thing. I'm only gonna get a few, just enough for eggs and one lil' Banty rooster, just for the crowing. I have so many ticks and grasshoppers, I need some lil' yard rangers to clean um up...ahhh, free range eggs and good ol' poop for the compost!

Can't wait to see the progress pics...

Love ya seester!