Saturday, May 16, 2009

i need a new project

this is the last stained glass window i did. It's still sitting behind a chair in the front room. Where no one can see it. I just can't get bill to make a frame for me, to hang it. I think i need to learn how to do it myself. The other option is to find old window frames and make them to fit the frame. I don't do small things. Everything is big. I'd rather do things that take 3 months rather than 3 hours. After seeing all the wonderful creations of my favorite bloggers, they are getting my creative juices flowing. Getting ready for my trip to Peru is taking all my time. When i get back , I'll be ready to get back in the swing.

I had to squeeze this picture in, of my tree peony, the plant is loaded with these blooms. They are huge too. As big as my hand, wide.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

signs of spring

The crab trees are gorgeous this time of year. This white one is my faves. Our yard was like a football field when we bought it. No vegetation what so ever. We planted all the trees and put in all the flower beds the 1st year we moved in. That was in in 1986. This is the pay off.

I've been collecting blue pots like these for some time. This is just a sampling. They are ready to be filled with begonias and coleus and what ever else i can find.

I went out this weekend and cut up about 5 quarts of rhubarb. Nothing says spring like a rhubarb crisp or a big pie. It's a spring delicacy. The only problem with that, I eat the whole thing!!!