Sunday, April 26, 2009

bloomin time

Look at this BEEEautiful yellow magnolia. How gorgeous is that. Spring finally made it. Over night leaves are emerging and the 1st blooms of spring are here. All the critters are frisky. Even the human critters. HA!

My amaryllis finally popped open., They are a once a year bloom , but they are worth it.

I think a green house is on my list.

I want to grow houseplants. Like the begonia. There are 100 or more different types and easy to grow. But, you can't get them here in Iowa. I'm thinking of little things here and there that i can do after i retire that might make me happy and bring in alittle money. Maybe make enough to support my habit.

Billy boy is out arrowhead hunting. I hope he finds something. It's usually good hunting after a rain. Maybe the mushrooms will be out too.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

here's something you did'nt know!

Take alook at Machu Picchu ( a side view) . How cool is that!!

What were those Incas thinking?

It really is pretty mind boggling how that all came to be.

Our trip is only a month away. We will see it up close. I know it will be a visual and spiritual experience.

It is also going to be a personal challenge. I'm in pretty good shape. But, on this journey we will see what we're both made of.

I've been walking and walking, riding my bike and we will be hiking some local Indian mounds soon. Bill tells me they are a work out.
So, here is my tribute to earth day!!
All the beauty in this earth that's still out there to discover.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Are They Happy Now

Well, the neighbor chopped down an old maple tree. Guess who made out. Greta and Smiley, that's who. I went out and found some limbs just the right size to bring into the house. They like nothing better than big limbs to chew on, ripping off bark and leaf buds. Leafed out branches are better, but, this will do in a pinch.

We've had both of them for 26 years. We raised the yellow nape Amazon "smiley" from a baby. We hand fed him. Bill and i were raised on bugs bunny cartoons. So smiley can sing all the cartoon songs like "Hooray for Hollywood" and "We were sailing along, on moonlight bay" "Mammy's little baby" "Oh you must have been a beautiful baby" "Happy trails to you" Oh well you get the idea. He calls all the animals, even ones we used to have. He's a real entertainer.

Greta, the umbrella cockatoo, I believe was wild caught, unfortunately. She a very big sweet heart. She is afraid of men. She's very affectionate. But, nothing is safe from that beak, if she's not occupied with something to chew.

She was was full feathered and beautiful till she reached the age of 15. Then she went into breeding mode. She was laying egg after egg. Making nests every second. She was consumed! To make nests, they pull feathers from their chests. She was pulling so often that they just stopped growing back. So she is alittle bald on her chest. She has stopped the nest making and is back to normal. I tell her, she still is beautiful! Bald is beautiful!
Greta honks SOOO loud , that she can be heard all the way down the street.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

lastest casulality

Well this is what happens when i leave "Greta" unattended. I just walked down to the post office to get the mail and get back to find the mouth of "little Juan" completely gone and Greta scrambling to get back to her cage. That's what happens when i don't have things to for her to chew, on her cage. So they are both banned to the cage till i can get to the junk store. I'm just glad i wasn't gone longer.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New web site

Wow, 2 posts in 1 day! I had to tell everyone about parvin and zari. They are from Iran. I met them at the hospital. They both worked with me. Their family came hear from Iran several years ago. They have fully embraced living in America. Getting to know them both has taught me about their homeland and learning people Are the same everywhere. Working in a Very large state hospital, enables me to meet a large variety of people. All backgrounds and people you'd never meet otherwise.
They both are wonderful artists and have started their own website. Please check them out, see how talented they are. Caspian art gallery

Proud to be an Iowan!!

On Friday, if you have been without any human contact and haven't heard.
The Iowa supreme court Unanimously ruled in the favor of same- sex marriage
How wonderful is that!!
So what does that mean for Iowa.
1. we don't look like we are bigoted rednecks and hillbillies.
But, progressive, smart, free thinkers.
2. It will bring couples from all over to marry. They will bring money. It should help the
3. Being the 1st in the Midwest hopefully other states will follow.
Equal rights and equal protection for all.
Now we have to put up with all the religious fanatics. Oh, the sanctity of marriage, the erosion of marriage. They make me sick!!! Stop shoving your religion down everyone's throat.
we should completely remove the government from the marriage process. Leave religion ceremonies to churches and civil unions accessible by Any two people regardless of sexual orientation.Keep religion OUT of the Government please.
1 state at a time.Congrats IOWA!!