Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marijuana growing among the AARP set

SURPRISE!! The laws they WILL be a changing. Iowa is trying to pass medical Marijuana. I hope they do. In the article i read today. It told the story of an 88 year old woman who wakes up with her morning coffee and new york times and a pipe bowl loaded with pot. It helps her arthritis. She threw out her prescription pain pills. The pot has no nasty side affects and helps with the pain. I'm not a big pot smoker or a drinker. But, i do smoke and drink,usually when out with friends. I prefer the pot. It makes me feel good. I still have control over myself. I can drive home and wake up feeling fine. If i had children. I'd feel better if they were out experimenting with pot over alcohol. I see one reason it's not legal is because the drug companies wouldn't make a profit off it. The other reason , people that are against it have never smoked it.
I have found that if i smoke it before i head out antiquing, I'm more focused. I think anything in excess is bad. Drinking and smoking or eating or texting or what have you is fine, if done within reason. What's all the hub-bub, bub.
One last thing, maybe when i have to go to a nursing home (Heaven forbid) they will be passing out joints and hallucinogenics. The ONLY way to pass the time away in a nursing home. The music they will be playing every morning will be "Stayin Alive" by the bee gees. Disco baby!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eagles are taking over

I think that is so cool! If you've ever seen one of these in flight or sitting in a tree waiting for a meal, you have to say WOW!! Big and beautiful. The numbers are way up. I saw a picture of a eagle nest in a magazine. It was so big that a man was laying flat inside of it. 6 feet wide.
Some friends of mine Lonny and Karen took these pics. They were right outside their bedroom window. The one was eating a new born lamb. (from the sheep farm a mile away) They said there were a total of 15 or 16 eagles, just sitting in their tree. I wish i could look out and see this. I do see an occasional hawk. I guess i might be afraid of one flying off with a Boston terrier.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my little bit of green

This hoya is taking over my victorian plant stand. It has huge bannana leaves. i don't know the name.
This is a Bromeliad, ijust picked up at a local nursery. It has a big bloom starting to pop.
This a century plant that i've had for many years.

I think that plants bring a little bit of happiness into my life. A couple of feet of snow outside and the sun is shining. The plants are coming out of the dormant state and starting to sprout blooms and new growth. It makes me feel spring IS coming. Here are some of my babies.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ragbrai 2010

Well I'm sent of my registration form for ragbrai yesterday. I decided to give it another go. I've gone 2 other times the full route. (minus 2 days because i crashed into another rider) . This time I'm going with a new outlook. The last 2 times you could say i drank my way across Iowa on 2 wheels. I'd meet all my friends in the bars along the way. It was to much fun!! Then by the time i finally rolled into the last overnight town for the day, I'd set up my tent and crash. Usually with a real crummy site.
But this time is different. I'm arming myself with camera and a smile. I'm out to see more and meet more people. People come from every where, even from other countries. It's really pretty amazing. up to 15,000 people ride across the state. I will have to stop and get my morning bloody Mary. I can't give that up. This a Smithsonian article on ragbrai to give the history. written by Megan Gambino. She sums it all up. Just click on the picture to read the story.

The first Great Six-Day Bicycle Ride Across Iowa was in 1973. It was created by journalists and bike enthusiasts John Karras and Don Kaul.

Monday, February 1, 2010

gay adoption

I know I'm going to hit some nerves on this one, but, i haven't yipped about anything for a while.
I opened the Sunday paper and right there on the front page of the home section. I see a picture of Andy and Will with their adoptive family. 1 13 year old girl Hannah and her to biological brothers, ages 12 and 9. I read the article and i made me feel so good. It went on to say how this married couple (legal in Iowa) So much wanted children, a family to raise and call their own. It was a wonderful story. They both work as social workers and adoption is open (IN IOWA) . They fostered kids first and found some needy kids. They went on to say that all is well and happy and full of love. What gets me is that this story would upset some people. These 2 guys stepped up to the plate and gave a home to older kids. I saw once how many kids are in the system. Incredible. But, people want BABIES. That is bullshit. Also, They are going to turn those kids gay. What's up with that!!! What they did, makes me feel good about the world. This is what upsets me.
A woman i know, has a daughter.She had a gastric bypass at 15 years old. She is now early 20's and has 2 kids with different fathers. She lives with mom and dad. She has no job, has never had one. Her boyfriend (father) lives there too, also no job! Borrows the car of mother, get money from mom and dad and the state. Baby was defective so 3 surgeries later still in hosp. Who pays WE DO!!! they are on the state. I asked grandma "SO, anymore kids after this one" Being sarcastic. Oh she wants to have 3 more. WHAT HAPPENED TO TEACHING YOUR KIDS ABOUT RESPONSIBILITY AND BIRTH CONTROL!!! Every race has there trash. Harsh i know but, but, that's how i feel about it.