Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pics of the hotel

Hotel Rui Merengue in dominican Republic. Check it out. Who else wants to go? The more the merrier.

July already!!

This summer is speeding by. Some potted plants are turning yellow from to much rain. I just sold my ragbrai wrist band to a girl in Lincoln Nebraska. I haven't gotten enough riding in this year. I made the hard decision to pass on it this year. Between all the rain and being lazy. I'm just not in the shape i want to be in. They say you should have 6000 miles in before the ride. Forget that!!!
I didn't check out any fireworks either. It doesn't do anything for me any more.
Now, what does get me fired up is traveling. My friend bill Thompson, his wife is a travel agent. He just showed me a trip coming up. I think, well i know we are going. It is to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. It's with bill and his wife and a group of other folks. All meals, all the booze, all entertainment and water sport stuff, air and taxes and all tips included for 1370.00 COUNT US IN!! It is in January.
I know, i know, your saying "more lily pictures" I can't help it. They make me happy. I walk in the yard every day and i just have to stop and smell and admire them. I can't get enough.
We planted a bush called a "bottle brush buckeye". I've had it 3 or 4 years now. It is finally showing it's true beauty. It will get 6 feet by 6 feet, it grows to form a large mound. I love it.
The building is progressing slow. The back roof is on and the front room floor is up and out ready for new floor joists.