Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I came home last Thursday. I knew something was amiss. Jimi wasn't at the door barking. The other three were there. I called and heard a muffled bark. i went upstairs and couldn't find him. Back down to the basement, no jimi. Then i finally spot him and he can't see. I think he had a stroke. He could see a day ago, i thought. This blindness came on pretty sudden. I didn't put it together till later when a friend said her dog had a stroke and lost his sight. He's also very tired. But, otherwise normal. Jimi is 11 years old. Bostons live about 15 years. So i wasn't expecting this. We just have to watch him and keep him out of harms way. It's hard for him to be around the others. They are soooo rammy. He snaps at them when they bump him. It's so hard to see your loyal companions fade or deteriorate. Of all the bostons we've had jimi is the most loyal, Where ever i am, Jimi is at my side. When I'm on vacation he sleeps on my pillow till I'm home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"White wednesday

Wow, i can't believe it, i did it, i found another white piece in my house. A child's doll dresser. That's been chewed on by a destructive bird named "Greta". . Of course i had to show off my beeeautiful white lilies. Sorry to those that might be tired of flower pictures. Please check out faded charm for more beautiful visions of white.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting closer

It's almost Aug 1st. We are suppose to be getting the building signed over to us on that date. We were suppose to get it July 1st. But, john was dragging his feet about clearing it out. I walked down yesterday and noticed 2 LARGE Dumpsters. One was half full. Man oh man, i was jumping for joy. Bill is not as excited as i am. Poor guy, i think he just sees work.

In an earlier post i mentioned we are buying a commercial building in my town of Lone Tree.

We are renovating it. A large apartment upstairs and a fabulous art studio for me up front and a "Man cave" in the back for bill. I am ready to get my hands dirty. Brush up and also learn some carpentry skills. I've already got an arm with poison ivy. I was weeding in the back, i should say whacking, pulling, ripping out vegetation growing rampant in the back. I keeping thinking how i can transform this awful tangled mess into something cool.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

white wednesday

I told Kathleen of faded charm , that I'd like to join in and post my pics of "white" every Wednesday. What was i thinking. I look around and my house is VOID of any white. It will be a challenge to say the least. I love other peoples homes of these beautiful old white finds. I loved it so much that i guess i wanted to be a part of it. But, sadly no white to be had at my house. It will make me go out and take pictures of other peoples white. To post every wed. Although i did find this one thing i have that's white. Low and behold this great architectural piece, i have outside.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

more flowers

here are more pictures of lilly's. my favorite flower.

My flowers are popping!!

Wow, all the lilies are blooming along with everything else. I have alot of lilies. I add more every year. It's an obsession. When we moved in, that was in 1986. The yard was baron. The house was farm white. Not 1 tree or flower. On two lots, there were a few peony bushes and 2 shrub rose bushes. We went crazy planting trees and shrubs and a huge flower bed around the outer borders of the yard. I started out with lots of annuals, and gradually moved in perennials (which i started from seeds). Now it's almost all perennials with annuals in flower pots scattered around. I started out with an abundance of sun. Now with all the trees growing tall and full. Lots of shade is taking over. It's time to move some sun loving plants out of the shade. It never stops changing.