Tuesday, April 27, 2010

busy days

Pickles, all enjoying the day outside
Scrapping old plaster off brick walls. tearing out floor, new floor joists are on the list.
Bill and i have been working on the building, between mushroom hunting and bicycling and working in the yard. I now have 2 yards to try and keep the weeds at bay. I get up every sunny day and put the poochies out in the yard. Then i try to figure out the plan of action for the day. I try to squeeze as much into one afternoon as possibly can. At least 1 hour or 2 hours of bike riding. 1 or 2 hours of yard work. Then work at the building till i have to go to work. If it's raining or 30 mile an hour winds i forget about all the above, just enjoying a lazy day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

begonia lamp finally finished

It took some time to finish, but here it is. I took about a month off from working on it. The colors in the picture aren't true. It's more yellow and green shades. It appears to be reds and pinks. Lamps are easy and fun to make. Here is a picture of my 1st lamp. Many years ago i pieced together this Tiffany "Poppy" lamp. It came out pretty cool for my first one. Next lamp... Tiffany "lotus flower."
This weekend turned out to be pretty crappy. Cold and rainy. Bring on the sun.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things i like about spring

This is FATTY
Korean spice viburnum
Flowering crab apple
A row of flowering crabs
I love spring because of the intoxicating smells. Walk anywhere and and my nose is filled with the smell of lilacs and Korean spice viburnums, bridal wreath. It really is my favorite time of year. Everything is NEW.
Yesterday i was met with a very friendly cat in my yard. Skin and bones, She was friendly because she was desperate. Her face was all wet and she was really dirty and nasty looking but friendly. I tried to feed it and she tried to eat, but couldn't. Bill took one look at her and said "Oh Cathie, get that thing outta here. It's probably got distemper. I loaded her up in the car and to the the ic animal shelter i went. They said it's jaw was broken. Her face was wet because she had to put her whole face in a bowl of water to drink. The poor thing. I've never seen her around here before. But, they said they'd take care of her. Clean her up and see if they can help her. If not they may put her down. But, i figured either way , she's better off there than fending for herself.
We had a cat adopt us about 12 years ago. We call her "FATTY"
One day we saw a kitten on the top of bill (no longer working) truck. We discovered there were several kittens. Feral kittens, wild and scrappy. The mother was sweet as pie. We rounded up the kittens, Found homes. The mother, we decided we couldn't keep. Delivered her to a Friends farm about 4 miles away. She was back on our porch 2 days later. Well i guess if she wants to be here that bad she can stay. Took her in and had her spayed and she has been the best cat ever.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Logee order arrived

I haven't ordered from "logee" for awhile. I was due. I will say that every plant was just like it was packed. Not a single leaf out of place. nothing broken off and still moist. The plants were beautiful. I ordered some begonias and a Alocasia "stingray" and a cool philodendron. i have some more on the way.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back in the saddle

It took me a bit but, i finally hopped on the seat of my bike and took off. That's all it took to get me fired up again. I had to work the weekend and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. My friend Jennifer called and wanted me to ride to Iowa city with her. Damned i thought. I'd love to go. But, No, the hospital was calling me. How depressing. So i went on a 15 mile ride on Sunday and a 20 mile ride on Monday. I feel great. It sure beats going to the gym. Sun and fresh air. You can't beat it. I'm so glad Jen called. I'm happy she is getting into riding again. A bike buddy is a good thing to have. We will be able to ride together on weekends at least. We work different shifts.
I do love to ride solo also, NO radio, just the wind in my face and quiet. I solve all the worlds problems and blow off steam, while riding. I always hope no one sneaks up behind me. I'll be jabbering and holding 1-way conversations, cussing and yelling. But, i always feel so much better when I'm done.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring bulb pics

I always say that i'm planting more tulips but, it never happens. There is always to many other flowers on the list.

I can't help it. More stuff

Bills Orchard ladder collection.
Folk art "Tramp art" frame
Cool rug from Iran and "Peanut"

4 days off

I've had 4 glorious days off. I was working in my flower gardens and i went antiquing...Worked in the building, Walked and rode my bike. I know i haven't posted much lately, but, i am still here.
The spring bulbs are doing great. Better with the rain we just had. I 'm busy digging up day lilies, trying to keep them controlled (somewhat).
Bill and i went to see barb Of simply Iowa . bill bought another orchard ladder. A person can't have to many ladders. I added another linoleum floor cloth to the collection. I think it's going in the building. Found a cool folk art picture frame at "decorum", from mark in Iowa city. Artifacts in Iowa city had a beautiful floor size rug from Iran, it's about 40 years old. I hate to even put it down anywhere, it's so pretty.
The building is coming around slow but sure. Just opening it up and letting a cross breeze blow thru it, really helps. I'll be posting progress pictures soon.