Thursday, January 28, 2010

Begonia lamp

I cut out each piece of the pattern and lay it on what ever glass I'm using. Then trace it with a marker. Then cut out each piece with a glass cutter and grind it smooth to fit into the space. For difficult cuts i use a water saw. Sometimes i grind and grind to make it fit.
Only 6 more panels to go. Lamps are great to make. Again, where will this one go?

Begonia lamp

I first start out with a pattern. This one is a 6 sided lampshade. I do i panel at a time. I have a light table to check my color, it helps alot.

New project: Begonia lamp

I have the day off work today. A desperately needed day off. I just finished the book "Serena" by Ron Rash. Man was that good. It would make a great movie. It's about a villainous woman in the 1930's That will do anything to get where she wants to be. A page turner for sure. On the search for something new to read.
I started my begonia lamp. It's going along pretty fast. I seem to be on a red orange yellow green mode. The last 4 stained glass projects show that. I can't wait for the weather to warm up alittle. I really need to start working in the building, getting my studio ready. The below zero temps really put a damper on things. As you can see i work on a table with my grinder, saw, light table and cutting space. Not much room. Glass chips everywhere. I'm not to tidy! Stupid me, went into the room barefoot and got a foot with glass embedded. so small i can't get them out. I always have bandaids on hand, I'm always getting bloody fingers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Computer IS working

Wow!! I was going into withdrawals. I needed a new motherboard. on my computer. Ouch!! Hopefully it's back for a while now. I've been reading blogs and catching up. Sharon i hope all goes well with your creative venture. You really are a talented woman, I couldn't see why you didn't do more art.

I've been busy reading and going to movies and working on stained glass projects. I read "Last chance" preserving life on earth by Larry j. schweiger (he's the CEO of the National wildlife federation) It's a real wake-up call. He lays it out With facts. It's Obvious that what life here on earth right now is nothing like it will be in 20 years. But, he's very optimistic that people will wake up and do the right thing. I'm not so optimistic. So it's not a Domesday book, but, a book that tells you WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW TO STOP the destruction. I highly recommend it. to anyone that cares enough to start the change. I'm reading "Serena" by Ron Rash. So far so good. "the ROAD" before that. I couldn't get that book out of my head for awhile. A real study of human nature when the lives of people are stripped of everything. It really makes you think about whats important. ( Getting a gun)

I highly recommend seeing "Avatar". It lives up to all the hype. I saw "Up in the air" last night. I liked that alot too. George can't do a bad movie.

I finished my window. It's pretty big. i have no idea where to put it. 24x36 . So now onto my next project. A stained glass lamp. Shouldn't take to long.