Friday, March 25, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Good-bye Elizabeth. I've been reading some articles about Liz and a couple of them made me sick. I loved every movie she was in. But, my all time fave is "Who's afraid of Virgina wolf.Wow what a movie. I just watched it again for the millionth time. They say Oh she was an okay actress. What! compared to what! All actors make "Stinkers" but, She made some Great movies. She had a colorful personality,She lived life to it's fullest. That's for sure. Bette Davis and Elizabeth are my 2 favorite ladies in the movies. I'm sure Richard was waiting for her. to hear the utube video turn off the playlist on the right side

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where do i begin

I KNOW I'VE BEEN MISSING IN ACTION. I'VE BEEN RUNNING ON EMPTY. AFTER OUR TRIP, WHICH WAS SO WONDERFUL, i WAS PREPARING FOR MOM TO MOVE TO Lone TREE. She's moving into an assisted living facility that is 6 blocks from my house.
Mom had broken her thigh bone,in December. She then went to rehab till November. She was healing up in her body but not her mind. Here is someone that has lived in a big condo,alone and reading her books and reading her newspapers and riding her exercise bike. Cooking minimally and mainly living on soup and sandwiches. Always in great health, very content with her daily routines. At 85 years old she was doing great. Her memory has started to slip last year. Nothing to serious just old age memory loss. Then it started getting worse. Family would stop by and she couldn't recognize there faces. "WHO ARE YOU" was common question. We were all concerned and a little bit of denial in there. Then she fell in the bathroom on a rug. A whirlwind ever since. Confusion set in at rehab, Angry, depressed, worry.
2 months in rehab and plans for mom were underway. Assisted living sounded like the ticket. Found a great one right here close to me. But, after an evaluation they decide she needed to be in a memory care apartment in the same facility. It was just like the assisted living with a little more care. So still independent and plenty of room for all her things.
We move her and she is doing pretty good. She's there 1 week and 4 days. She's just getting used to it and I get a call very early in the morning. I was told mom had a fever and was throwing up and diarrhea, and a very very painful belly. Longer story short, she spent the next week in the hospital getting gallbladder out and getting stones out with a scope through her mouth. yikes!!! Then back at the skilled nursing place in lone tree. Back to square one. Doesn't remember anything, and acting like she is possessed by the devil. All this is reaction to pain meds and anesthesia. It's been an uphill battle ever since. Things seem to be getting back to normal. Her mind and memory are leveling off and back to normal, or as normal as she can be. My life has been on hold. Spending almost all my time with her. Trying to get her over this setback. She's back in her apartment and doing better. I'm trying to get her back into a routine. She seems a little lost. I am weening her off me. She is in good hands, Great people taking care of her. So, maybe i can get back to my life. I'm going into Sharon and barb withdrawal. I need to exercise, ride my bike. Get the house clean, plants watered, get some Cathie time. WOW what a ride this has been.