Monday, November 30, 2009

tiles are done

Oh wow!! my tiles are done and look fab on my oak fern stand. I have to stain and varnish the stand. But i think they fit great on the top. with a little trim on top to frame them in. Still some mistakes but, the more i do the better i get. A few spots didn't get 2 coats of paint. and are lighter. Don't look to close at my floor. I tracked in some mud. My next project.I've already started, is a Stained glass window 30" x 24" of 2 egrets in flight. A later post.

I looked at used cars today and and test drove a 93 and a 94 and a 2000 Toyota Camry. I liked them all, but drove home the 2000 for bill to check it out. i have to decide tomorrow. I am sold on Toyota's. They go and go forever. I have a Toyota tercel now that i bought 8 years ago for 3000.00 It's the best 3000.00 i ever spent. It still runs great but, looks like crap. I have fears driving it on interstate. Over 200 thousand miles and going 75 miles an hour on interstate, well, i fear of something blowing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Before picture"

I was wrong when i said the previous picture was the before picture . This one was. It was a tangled mess. Poison ivy, nettles, lots of critters.

Moving along

This rain ,it doesn't seem to stop. Poor bill he's been busy ripping off the back roof of the building. It had layer after layer of roofing, plywood, tar and whatever else. He stripped it down to the 1st layer of wood. He's repaired the bad spots with new wood. After years of leaking, the roof it self was in pretty good shape. The problem seems to be.... It won't stop raining. The tarps come out, it still gets wet and it needs to dry out before a new one goes on. He also insists on doing it all himself, So it taking time. But, it will be done soon. It will be done right.

I found a couple of cool doors for the front of the building. They need to be stripped. They are unusual, i've never seen anything like them. I also found a great old round stove for the building. I think it will keep it real toasty this winter. We have't picked it up yet, This picture i found it online, It's identical to the one we bought. I love stoves, i love the heat they give out and the warmth gets right down to my bones. We also cleared out the back. It was over run with terrible scrub trees, "Mulberries" and "tree of heaven". Now i have a clean slate and i can start planning for spring. Take a good look at this "before" picture. It will look nothing look this when i'm done.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

before the firing

Well, i think i've finished with my tiles . I've been painting everyday for awhile now. I'm trying to get it as perfect as possible. I take it to jafar this weekend and he will fire it for me. I can't wait to see it done. I found a perfect oak plant stand,that will work. 4 6x6 tiles will fit just right.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make your own tile backsplash

If any one of my artistic art friends want to make your own tiles (kitchen back splash or a table top) Here is how to do it. first you order a box of tiles from Manitou arts, you can order 3x3's or 4x4, 6x6, 12x12. They come to you in bisque form (already fired once). a box of 50 6x6 will run about 36.00. Dick blick also carries them but, they are more expensive. Then i ordered my paint from Amaco. I ordered the velvet series. You can buy sets or single bottles of paint. The velvet series is good because the tile only needs to be fired once. The undercoat and the glaze are applied before firing. A tiny good brush is essential size 00 and 000. For designs, you can design your own or look thru a Dover catalog. They have everything. Victorian, arts crafts , Persian, Turkish, Phillip Morris designs. Take your pick. Trace your pattern on with "wax free" paper. The one i used is called Sarel, i got it from dick blick. When it's traced, go over the entire design with a dark color of undercoat. Then fill in with your color of choice. Everything needs 2 coats of paint. Outline again after you've painted. When completely dry, apply a fairly thick coat of glaze. 3 coats. Let dry before each layer. Fire them, a local ceramics shop or art guild will probably help you out. I find it very relaxing and addictive. It's always been hard for me to sit still . Doing this i can sit for hours but, my toes are still wiggling. Plus you will have something really cool when your done!