Wednesday, July 30, 2008

something has to happen!!!

Every day, i read the paper and check out the new blips on my home page. I see and hear some good and wonderful or hopeful things. But, more bad and ugly and hopeless things. Things that have gone on to long and have grown into these global world wide disasters. The dumbing of the world but, mostly the dumbing of America. The world wide rape of natural resources, horrendous crimes against animals and children. The poisoning of our water our air. No one cares. Some people care But, it's not enough. Get off your Ass and do something. Write or email everyone in your senate your government. We will NOT VOTE FOR YOU< You SON OF A BITCH > IF you DON'T DO SOMETHING. THIS MATTERS TO US!!!! I have started with small steps. but, i have started to do my part. You, can sit in your little world, not caring or wanting to hear whats going on around you. Thinking oh, everything is just fine. everybody is good. Then one day, the old rug is going to be yanked out, You'll be left standing there wondering what happened. I for one hope Something BIG happens, Please, Aliens come down and tell to stop the destruction!shake us up. I don't dwell on it, because i would go crazy. But, i don't just do nothing either. I read other blogs and most are filled with beautiful thoughts and beautiful words. painting a Rosie picture . But, i just don't have it in me. I'm a pretty positive person. I hate being around negative people. I have a happy home with my flowers critters and a crazy man at my side. But, it's hard to say whats right any more.

our home in lone tree

I get such a kick out of lou's paintings, we had to get him to do a commision for us. i wanted a scene of our house with lots of flowers and put in all the kids, dogs birds and fat cat.Lou had had his paintings in a few magazines. country living for one. But, i'm very happy with it. bill and i look like thugs.

Folk art

For fabulous folk art, stop by west branch, Iowa and see Lou picek.His own art work has a unique quality. I love his subject matter. But, his shop is alot of fun. Stuffed to the gills with fun and unusual things.I loved the old clown costume. I want it!!! Here are a few pics of his shop.His shop is main street antiques and art.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Scrap Princess Blog: Obituary for Common E. Sense#links

The Scrap Princess Blog: Obituary for Common E. Sense#links

sunroom mosaic

Wow! i took a week off from work to get this thing done. i did it. i finished yesterday. I still have to grout (just the tile parts). but that won't take long and i think we'll put some sealer over all of it. It will bring out the color of the limestone. I'm real happy with it. i can't seem to find small projects. Next big project, well, let's seeeeeee. The wall above the mosaic needs a touch-up. After a over zealous helper got carried away with mortar, putting the limestone floor in. What a screwed up mess that was. But, the floor some how came out alright.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the raccoon whisper?

We have a friend named Doug, He lives in a commercial building in lone tree(mayberry)in the top level.He also has family farm, that he frequents for firewood or mushrooms or arrowheads. what ever the season. On one of his farm visits he found a baby squirrel. He named her Suzie, She had free run of his place, raised on walnuts and a wide variety of foods. she turned out to be a great little pet. but, she had access to the out side whenever she wanted, she goes out and has raised 2 litters of babies (in the apartment), when they are old enough she hauls them outside and shows them the ropes. Doug never see the babies once the are outside and she won't let them back in.that's her roost they have to find there own place. It's the craziest thing. she's been around now for going on 3 years. She's got the best of both worlds.
this year he found a baby raccoon. eyes still shut. He take little Ralf every where he goes. sits on his shoulder. He follows Doug around like a dog. He also has free run of his place. He goes in a cat box and sleeps with Doug.He's never caged. He will never be. When ever he poops in the cat box he runs over to a tub of water and washes his hands,every time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

mosaic marathon

Well, today i rented a huge water saw. I'm doing a cutting marathon. I've got the saw for 2 days. I'm working on a 12" x 26' space in my sun room. I've been putting it off for some years now. But, i took a week off work and I'm going to get that thing done. I've layed out a design or two trying to get the right look.i want it to look kind of natural. Like a photo of a topography of a river.I've got limestone and marble,river rock and tiles in shades of blue, rust and tan. once i get going and i know what i want. it's alot of fun to do,the hard part is doing all this cutting.
i was checking out Sharon's blog, please check out sweet repose. Sharon is writing some beautiful poetry. i can't even write legibly on my blog let alone write poetry.i tried to enter Shelly shell shock in the staff art show. they told me it was objectional subject matter for a hospital environment. It might offend some one. i get so sick of that. Might offend some one. SO WHAT!!!! What ever happened to "If you don't like it don't look at it".

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black Market - Multimedia - World environment -

Black Market - Multimedia - World environment -


The elephant ear has been a favorite for many years, i have been bringing one potted up ear in the house for the winter,going on 9 years. It's huge! I can get the tropical feel here in Iowa.
i also scored on a gorgeous bird bath!! "the Seahorse bird bath". I've spotted them while on "RAGBRAI" in southern Iowa. i fell in love. So when i spotted it at "SISTERS", i said "SOLD".

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lillies are blooming

My favorite flowers are starting to burst open. i can't have to many lilies. Every year i say, "i need more lilies" When i was growing up in coucil bluffs,my dad had the most beautiful gardens. I remember him out there every morning making the rounds with 2 pekin ducks waddling right behind him, rooting for bugs.He always wore suits, he just wore old suits out in the gardens. He didn't own anything else. white shirts and suits and new and old Florsheim shoes. But, could he tend a garden and grew the most beautiful iris and lilies.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cherry pickin

Ohhhh, the taste of sour cherry pie!!! it make all the sweating and messes of all messes worth while. i try to get most of the worms out, but......The invention of the good good old fashioned cherry pitter was so good that it has never been improved upon. i don't know what i would do without mine. I'm very selfish with my cherries. i freeze them so i can savor cherry pie all winter. the last pie i made, i ate the whole thing. poor bill didn't get a single piece. (better luck next time bill) Does any one know the secret to getting cherry stains off your hands?