Thursday, March 27, 2008


I's snowing!!!! What's with that, i'm suppose to go swimming with a friend and just could'nt get out of bed. Listing to the snow crashing off our metal roof just made me sink deeper under the covers.Sorry laura>
the only thing that brighten up my day was remembering we have tomorrow off!! we're going to see "The Cowboy Junkies" at the englert theater in iowa city.I love that place. i saw patty griffin there last year. What a fabulous concert. That was one of the best things that happen to iowa city. A group of concerned citizens, raised money to save it. THey have gotten quiet a few great people to play there.
i decieded to work on my mosaic,it's going pretty well. I just do'nt know where in the hell i'm going to put it. Shelly the shell lady is pretty large when completly done.Well i better go get ready for work. Off to the the "island of broken toys"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beautiful day

The weather is gorgous today. i was out riding my bike and visiting friends. took along walk with my 4 monkeys. i still think it's to cool to rake. or maybe it's that i' not ready to do that yet.
then on a more sober note. What is it > someone is miserable with them selves, so they take out their whole family and then them selves.On monday, a vice president of the hills bank, also a coke head was released on bond for embezzleing alot of money. killed his entire family. WHat's going on. i'm miserable so i'm killing everybody. there has been a rash of killings like that. there are SO many people out there so that means there are that many more weird people. I guess you could call it thinning the herd.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

new finds

i went and did alittle junking and found some cool vintage ceramic floral arrangments.They are so beautiful. there is a Great shop in Kalona, Iowa called SISTER'S. It's a shabby chic shop. very cool.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've always dabbled in art in some form. but, for the last 5 years, i've been in a slump. that's when i got into biking. i've ridden in Hawaii with women tours, what a blast that was!!! I've ridden 3 ragbrai's (bike ride across Iowa) with about 15thousand people.yes, 15 thousand. it's a real experience. i've also been in the best shape of my life!!!and i ride in the summer every day, 20 or more miles, plus longer rides on weekends. 50 or 60 miles. but, that leaves me time for little else. so i'm going to try a come to some balance. i've just finished or almost finished this shell mosaic. i've got the legs to go.i need to find some big interesting shells for the arm space. living in iowa, i've got winter to work on my art projects. collages are so much fun. but, mosaics are taking my time up this year. i've been checking out other peoples blogs and am blown away by all the creativity that's out there. i love the internet. i don't have many people to talk art with around here. right now i have SOOOO many ideas in my head and not enough time to do them all.

picklepoo12's photosets on Flickr

picklepoo12's photosets on Flickr
i'm working on a fiberglass manniqine, i've got the top half done. lower half later

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

pickles in paris

this was done for a artist challenge for somerset studio. it was in the "gallery" winter 2007

Monday, March 10, 2008

#2 of my ballerina series

#2 of my ballerina series

pickles is my subject for the ballerina series. I'm like alot of people that have pets as there kids. So what to do with all the pictures that accumulate. MAKE ART with them. I've done few for other people, after a loss of a beloved pet. they are greatly appreciated, more so if i can make one that really brings out the personality.

1 of 3 ballerina series

Thursday, March 6, 2008

continue the story

well, to shorten the story. my sister accepted her guest. we grew up, left home. mom and dad sold the house. i tried and tried to get the head from 4 different people who had bought the house thru the years. no one would give it to me. until last year, i went home for a visit, mom had mentioned how the place had changed and i should check it out on my way out of town. i stopped when i saw a woman outside. i was'nt even thinking about the head. she was showing me the basement walk out and i looked out the window and gave a sigh. the wall was gone!!!! the lady saw my exspression and said "are you looking for the head". i said "YES" and she told me her husband had torn the wall out, and had thrown it in the dump truck. "I told him to bring that back here. I knew i was saving it it for some thing.she had no idea i had been trying to get it. when i got it in my hands, i took it to 2 historical societies in the area. after researching the piece and several peoples opinions-the general consensus was it probably was some sort of grave ornament. most likly from early pioneers and settlers. they would die and just bury people along the way. to me that made alot of sense. with the shovel dragging and people digging. they i often wondered if any kids in the house after us saw any thing. but, after seeing what it is like now for kids. PLUGGED IN at all times. filling there minds up with crap. they would NEVER see anything if it was right in front of them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Ghost Story

I found this stone head in 1965. it was on a bluff, up behind our house. it was also facing down so you could'nt see the face. i do vividly remember hearing something in my head telling me to flip it over, there were alot of other field stones laying around.i dug around it and flipped it. WOW!! i thought, rolled it home. i was about 7 or 8 ys old. soon after getting in situated in our yard, my dad put it in a stone wall he built. outside our bedroom windows. my sister and i shared a room.every night and day,all of us could hear a shovel being drug across the cement basketball court. you could'nt see anything. but, you could hear at all times of the day. in those days the subject of ghosts just WAS'nt.The Exorsist had been made yet. SO, that's not what we were thinking. But, what was that crazy dragging sound???? Then my sister moved to her own room. she was about 6 or 7. every night she would end up in my room or my mom and dads room sleeping on the floor. she kept saying there was a man in her room. Oh man, did my parents get mad and frustrated. still we were'nt thinking ghosts. this kept up for months. she fiially told herself "he has'nt hurt me yet." she said she just covered her head with blankets. but, he was there every night.then other things started up. She had her bed facing the door and at night she could see 2 men (different men) digging for something. there digging and digging, but they were'nt paying any attention to her.she decribed there clothes and size.more later........