Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hungry for change

WOW, i just saw a movie called "FOOD INC", It is a wake-up call. I always knew buying Organic was very important. But, I'm positive it is now. What a scam, What a horrible disgrace it is. The huge monopoly the few corporations have. The animals mean nothing to them but, money. The people that die or get sick or loaded with health problems mean nothing to them either. That's where the other large corporation comes in. Pharmaceutical companies. Please rent the movie. I had rented it and let it sit on the table for a couple of weeks, not sure if i wanted to see what i already kind of knew. But, it really worth seeing. Please click onto this site TAKE PART Lets all start to make this very needed change.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've been noticing a few treehouses around town, and thought how cool it would be to have one. The lucky kid that has one of these!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Terrariums, a new passion?

I've always been fascinated with terrariums. I've always wanted to get one going, but, So many things so little time. I picked up a new book by tovah martin called "The new terrarium" It got me in the plants under glass mode. Then i found a web site called black jungle terrariums and i was blown away. It's not the terrariums of the funky hippy 70's. This is a new wave of terrariums and vivariums. It's like having a enclosed rain forest in your house. It has really fired me up. But, I'm starting out small and if i can find success with my 2 small ones. I'll venture into the big awesome rain forest creation. Now when ever i go out junking or antiquing, I'm looking for things i can turn into a glass plant house.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blooming houseplants

Signs of spring are here. All my houseplants are starting to bloom and shoot out new growth. I started fertilizing every other watering and spraying the leaves with sea kelp every 2 weeks. I have been lucky, I've only spied scale on 1 plant. I have been using a systemic pesticide. I've mixed granules in the top soil. It's been working great for warding off scale and everything for about 3 years running. It's called "Systemic Houseplant insect control" Bonide makes it. The 1 plant that had scale, didn't have this in it. I'm terrible at know the names of all my begonias. I had 40 different types. I've narrowed it down. I classify myself as a "plant HOARDER". Oh no! I've admitted it. If i see it, if i want it, i get it. Where will i put it? I'll find a spot. I'm that way with most things actually. I may be on a future show of "Hoarders".