Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wool work

Bill and i went to fairfax over the weekend. We stopped to see barb of simply iowa I always find something to drop some cash. More things to say "where am i going to put this?
My weakness is folkart or crafts that have survived from the 1890 and early 1900's. Wool work, hair art, shell work, the list goes on. These are my latest finds. I can imagine all the hours spent weaving every one of these petals. with fine wool yarn. all hand dyed. Also a real plain but, interesting hair memento.

finially finished

I don't know how long ago i started this crazy thing. I am so glad to be done with it. Know i can start on something new. A window using the kathleen dalrymple method, Glass on glass.She make the most beautiful stain-glass windows. I am in awe over her work, check out her cool windows.
I'm getting a good idea about what to with my 1st memory jug. A tribute to my dogs. (that have passed). So I've been collecting dog related stuff. Gayle from vintage green life has made some very cool jugs. I've been itching to make one since seeing hers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st day of summer

Happy summer everyone, It's is a beautiful day today! Windy as hell but, nice. Rain rain go away please. All my plants grow so fast then fall over. Not a good root system. Some good flower pics for the occasion.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank you Gayle

My new blogger friend Gayle from vintage green sent me this beautiful bag that she made. I had commented on how much i loved her work and a surprise arrived in the mail. The colors were right on, my favorite colors. It also had little goodies for my future memory jug. Two pairs if handmade earrings (1 for Sharon and 1 for me) Sorry Sharon i haven't made to down to give you yours yet. That is the best thing about blogging. One can meet all kinds of kindred souls, like minds.It's hard to find people that want to talk plants or share ideas on mosaics, at least i have trouble find them. But, blogging i can get inspired by others work and see others beautiful gardens and share mine with them. Thanks Gayle you are a great new friend.
I also wanted to post this cool doll i bought in Peru, to show Gayle. They made all kinds of dolls like this one, they are made to look old so they have a nice patina.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My summer favorites

I can't believe all the different kinds of coleus. I remember the nice but common varieties. Now they are so beautiful and i can't get enough. I buy every different one i see. Succulents are the same. Only I'd go broke if i bought every one of those i see. The succulents i found really don't winter over very good. Just a few pics of my favorites.
Also, an update. That it is verified that it is my friend Matt Angerer in the book. We got in touch with a family member ( that hasn't seen him in many years.) So, we know it's him and still can't find him. But, i highly recommend the book. I found out that it is required reading in some schools. It has become a classic. It makes me want to hike a little of the trail.