Thursday, July 19, 2012

No more nightmares

I've been kind of absent from my blogging. I've had a lot on my mind. I will say, I've had had my fill of plumbers, painters and all contractors. It started out with getting a plumber to hook up a washer and dryer. It started out 500.00 maybe a little more with the 1st guy. Found a guy to do it for 300.00 and did a so so job, bills not happy with it. Then finding a house painter....... Big fiasco. but, it's almost done. Then we had decided to sell the building, because it just needed to much work. It was crumbling in front. We had a stream of people looking at it. The front was a deal breaker . So what do we do. let it fall down, bulldoze it, But, that costs money too, or do we fix it. Spend some money and fix it. We had several bids, all way over the top. Then i think some one was watching over us. Tj Allen of Allen masonry came into our lives. He is a breath of fresh air. I can't tell you how wonderful i feel. My nightmares have disappeared. He's very affordable and fast and he knows what he's doing!!!!!!

So now, we'll see. Here is a before picture and i posted some work in progress pictures. Then I'll show you finished later. This last picture.... They tore ore out everything from the beam  down. dug down 4 feet and poured footings and built it up with block. We are putting the big windows back in and getting a new (old door). The east side is getting plastered. WOW!! If we can't sell it, It will be my studio... I'm naming it "Sows ear studio"      

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm here sweating away. It's the worst heat wave I've ever seen or felt. It goes on and on. Everything that Al gore said would happen, is happening. I know there are the nay sayers. But, Hey, it's right in our faces everyday and in every corner of the world. At this point, it doesn't matter why it's happening, or who to blame. Now it should be how are we going to deal with all these changes. The changes, they are a coming. I saw a sad documentary about a pacific island that is disappearing. All the people have to evacuate. Only know one wants them. They have no where to go. Sure makes you think.
But, despite all this heat I've managed to create another memory jug. It is a big one and very heavy. It went together a lot better than the 1st one. I knew what i was doing this time around. I think I'm going to find a cork for it and put a time capsule inside. Who made it, when and what was going on at the time. Then I'm going to seal the whole cork and lip of the jug with wax. I do think it came out pretty good, I'm very happy with it.