Tuesday, May 6, 2008

rape in the congo

rape in the congo
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This collage was inspired by an HBO documentary,called Rape in the Congo.It was horrific. it made me sick to my stomach. Once again my idea we are reverting back to savages.All the women were raped and torn apart from the inside out. (literally) but, could still manage to sing. There were GOOD souls. The men on the other hand were like reptilians. they were killing and raping and torturing every thing in site. No compassion of ANY sort. They were"nt human. There were afew good men. All i wanted to do was sweep all the women to a safe place.I want to know how i can help them.


A Wild Thing said...

You are such a sweet soul Cath, that is why I love you. There is so much horror out there that we can't control, all we can do is send them a breath of hope.

"As five-fingered humans, we are all the same". Douglas Spotted Eagle

When will they ever learn???

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I wouldn't worry too much about needing to infuse the 'joy, love and rainbows' into your blog. I had a slight identity crisis when I started my own blog. You put yourself out there and you wonder if you are interesting enough. I find I am tiring of the artifice on all the so called 'interesting' folks. I just want to hear from other human beings. That's why I blog, to find other human beings. So just be who you are - mess and all, and you'll be stunning. On the congo, I cannot watch things about real horrors like that, particularly after I had my daughter, it upsets me so deeply and leaves me feeling completely helpless. Particularly brutality to women and girls. I spend a lot of time at the Buddhist temple in prayers of compassion and I spend even more time ensuring that brutality (which all stems from the same place) doesn't overtake my own life in the way that I treat other beings around me. I also donate to an organization called Love 146 which does incredible things for victims of child prostitution. I think changing our own hearts is sometimes the best we can do.

cconz said...

Thank you Soooo much for the Lovely comment. Your absolutely right about just try to be the best we can be and since we cant't help every one or every thing, pick out the causes that mean the most to us.thanks, cathie