Saturday, August 9, 2008

bees disappearing

i came across this utube video. please click on to this link below. listen to the whole thing .Alzheimer's, autism, ADD, All have tripled in the last 5 years. Read and and make a change. boycott products.I wish i could figure out how to get u-tube videos on my blog!!!! Can any one help?


kartika said...

Hi, thanks for visiting! It is really nice to have feedback. I am so excited - sold my very 1st piece of art from my show - I will post my pictures soon - 11 pieces. The bee thing is so sad - I do not know how to post things from u-tube but will try to find out - I share the same concerns you do about the sad state of affairs of the dumbing down of our country and the way we have abused the earth - I think with the art I am really trying to give something back to the Mother Earth and honor nature. I see that in your work too! Kartika

A Wild Thing said...

I've spent hours reading about it and so many other soecies on the brink, including sad...the BASTARDS!


Peruby said...

Hi Cathie,

I was just browsing and came across your blog. To post a youtube video to your blog:

1. Find the video in youtube.

2. Copy text found in the "Embed" area to the right of the video. Should be located directly under URL.

3. Open your blog and start a new post or edit an existing post.

4. Paste the text into the blog area. (From the Embed area on youtube)

5. Submit your post.

Hope this works for you. Let me know if you can't do this. It worked well for me.