Tuesday, October 14, 2008

passion flower and hoya

I love old vintage victorian wire flower stands. This one is a dandy. It has a wire trellis right on the stand. It's perfect for hoyas and my passion flower to wind and curl around every thing. I'm not sure of the name of my hoya but, the leaves are huge. Big bannana leaves. I'm hooked. When it's loaded with blooms, the whole sunroom smells wonderful.


kartika said...

WOW - thanks for the Patti Griffin tunes! Guess what? I'm running out to buy a CD and then going home to do some art to her music - thanks for your kind words about the altar - I just make the tiles from sculpy and bake - use paint, pearl-ex, stamps, and beads, and stuff to embellish - I am loving it and have some new stuff I love - no more shows but am getting together a few of the altars in my dream series for a store in town - hey, do you show your stuff? - your work rocks! It has so much feeling and is edgy too! Art is what keeps me going in these crazy times! I'll talk to you again soon, Kartika

lisa said...

Wow, that stand is really cool! Thank you for stopping by the worm post on my blog, I think more people should keep them, too. It feels really good to use my scraps for something that will help my plants. Only problem is deciding who gets them: worm bin or composter! :)