Monday, November 24, 2008

gift for my friend

i finally finished the mosaic piece for my friend Jared. I worked with him for about a year and became good buddies. He's a TA now at university in Madison, Wis. SO, hopefully he'll be able to pick it up over thanksgiving. I'll be driving home this year to see mom. We don't have a traditional thanksgiving feast. Mom stopped that when all the kids moved out. She hates to cook. Can't blame her. I hate it too. We'll probably have pizza. That's fine with me. I sure hate the drive. 4 hours of crazy drivers on the interstate.Hopefully my sister Susie will be there on Saturday.It's always great to see her. Susie is a great sister. We didn't always get along as kids. But, i think she's pretty fabulous. She only gets more beautiful with age.


A Wild Thing said...

You are just the best...girlfriend...I'm with ya on the hollidays, everything is so skrewed up...I just want to load up the dog and disappear, know what I mean. But I am cooking dinner for my Grandson just so he can have all the leftovers. My Dad will come too, but not my Daughter, she never goes anywhere, if you wanna see her you have to go to her house.

So have a wonderful Thanksgiving however you share it.

Love ya!

kartika said...

Hey Cathie,

Holiday hype can really drive me crazy but this year I am going to great friend's house and only have to bring gravy - that is a relief! I love your new are and the picture is great! I'm still glued to the news and the stories about Obama's new team etc. How about you? Have a great holiday! Kartika

Tracy said...

Hi there
I got your comment and the blogs about orbs are in the older posts. I have one in June: Rainbows and orbs and then the main one is May 22: Haunted Presents and orbs. You'll have to get into the archives.
I love your pictures...I'm going to read more later.

Mauigirl said...

Beautiful mosaic sculpture!

Thanks for your comment on my blog - love your art!

Your mom is cool for giving up cooking Thanksgiving dinners. I'm the one stuck doing it now, but thankfully there is Whole Foods to help me out. I hated making mashed potatoes from scratch and now I don't have to.

kartika said...

Cathie, I was thrilled to see you read a piece from my writing blog in October - I just checked that out - keep visiting - you inspired me to keep posting on that site - thanks for all of your support and by the way, your comments on past lives are very interesting! Kartika

deb did it said...

what an awesome gift! me and my art girls are altering wig holders, ya know the Styrofoam kind? what an inspiration!