Tuesday, January 27, 2009

should we jump in?

Now, John or "Robot" is an artist. He chose bright colors in a haphazard way, when painting this building. So, look at the building with a vision. The structure is sound, but, it's in need of a little loving care (Time and money) to get it back looking grand. It's got a cute little court yard out back. What do you think? Alittle workshop for bill, alittle art studio for Cathie. A front room for maybe art classes or selling art. rent the upstairs apartment. Think it's worth it?


deb did it said...

Go for it. Just Do It. NIKE. This building already has good MoJo...what a precious gem. hey! I bailed the U.S. and went to Mexico, loved it, got bored, moved again....FREE-FALLING...just take a leap of faith. Follow your heart!

Mari Meehan said...

Worth it? Without a doubt!

lsg said...

You already know what I think so just do it. I will help you with the work... Just think of all the creative stuff you can do there.