Sunday, March 8, 2009

The big job ahead of me (the before) picture

Bill and i spent the day at fin and feather (sporting goods store). They were having a camping equipment sale. I needed a new large backpack and a day pack and other stuff for our trip. But, it is DONE. I have a few more things to get. My poor old jansport finally bit the dust.

Bill and i are veterans at packing. Less is best!! I can wear the same clothes or just get some cool stuff where I'm going and voila I'm set.

When i get back from the big adventure, the building will be waiting for me. It's a total wreak but, i know what it can look like. All the mulberry trees that have taken over are my biggest problem. I'll just dig in and BELIEVE. Yes i can, Yes i can. What do you think? This is the official "Before" picture.


Mari Meehan said...

Yes! You can!

lsg said...

Looks like a mess now but I know you and you'll have it looking fantastic ....

A Wild Thing said...

Quite the hippy pad you got there...we drove by last week and I took pics of the front for a blog post...beware...HA!

What a cool old building girl, I love the color(s) it's painted...another ha! But it has lots of charm and a cool yard when it's done, it all takes time.

I sure do miss the days of hiking in the high last sleeping bag cost $300.00, can't remember what the pack was...but these are must haves, so it's good to splurge...I'm so excited for you too...can i be a little mouse in your pack...I'll be good!!! (yeah right)

Luv ya gal!