Monday, September 28, 2009

Cool new stuff

Bill and i went auctioning for the 1st time in many years. It was a big 3 day sale we did'nt make it till the last day. We got a very large box full of old kids books (turn of the century)> The neat old "McLoughlin" and "Raphael Tuck". Bill has been collecting those for years. They are beautiful. The colorful lithography. This is a sampling. 2 large boxes of doll and doll parts. And a very large and beautiful Tool chest for bill It has to be the biggest one I've ever seen. Picture frames and old scrap books. It kind of got me excited to go to more auctions.

I put together a nice shadow box. It has a picture of bills grandparents. Surrounded by a cool hair work piece that i got. And a matte that i found many years ago in an Amsterdam flea market.


A Wild Thing said...

King Donkey's that sounds like a what you did with the hair wreath, perfect.

Lorie did an auction last week and did rather well too...maybe it's a sign...!

Chris said...

What a haul! What will you do with the doll parts? I love old books, I love old things.

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Missy,
If you would like to buzz through the sale, wed. you can... It won't be all together, it may not be together til next week, but before the rain, you are welcome!
Barb C. said...

beautiful shadow box. It sounds like alot of fun.