Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Before picture"

I was wrong when i said the previous picture was the before picture . This one was. It was a tangled mess. Poison ivy, nettles, lots of critters.


Lori R. said...

WOW... alls I can say is WOW... you had your work cut out for yourself...
and in your last post is that the "after", all cleaned up. LOVE LOVE that stove piece.
oh and p.s. Natalie Merchant is a huge fav of mine (referring to the music I am listening to on your blog).
Hope your holiday season is great...
Can't wait for the mosaic class to start (hint, hint)

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Sweetie!
Welcome to my world.... Work, work, work.... Sorry I haven't got back to you lately, and I missed you, at the open house... I think you would have been impressed! Peg and I worked our tails off! Looks like you are too!
Hope you can come over on the 4th or 5th... a new look is coming on!
Take care sweetie, and say hi to Bill!
Barb C.

A Wild Thing said...

...and look who's talking about all the work...I saw the before and you two lil' busy beavers have really been going at artsy types never rest, there's always sumthin to be created.

I'm trying to help Piper get back on her feet, she just can't do it all alone, Muscatine has never been a big supporter of it's small businesses. We will soon be moving out of the Amanas, Sandy knew it was only temporary for hopefully The Junk Asylum will be a huge hit and we'll start making some moolah in the Davenport area. Piper will do a booth with me, with soaps and candles and JUNK. Lorie already has quite a few dealers interested in it...hope so, be opened in January in Lake Park up by Eldridge.

Ok...time for some rest for the wicked...yeah whatever, gotta make 8 batches of soaps for Grasshoppers...whew!!!

See ya Toots...