Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Computer IS working

Wow!! I was going into withdrawals. I needed a new motherboard. on my computer. Ouch!! Hopefully it's back for a while now. I've been reading blogs and catching up. Sharon i hope all goes well with your creative venture. You really are a talented woman, I couldn't see why you didn't do more art.

I've been busy reading and going to movies and working on stained glass projects. I read "Last chance" preserving life on earth by Larry j. schweiger (he's the CEO of the National wildlife federation) It's a real wake-up call. He lays it out With facts. It's Obvious that what life here on earth right now is nothing like it will be in 20 years. But, he's very optimistic that people will wake up and do the right thing. I'm not so optimistic. So it's not a Domesday book, but, a book that tells you WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW TO STOP the destruction. I highly recommend it. to anyone that cares enough to start the change. I'm reading "Serena" by Ron Rash. So far so good. "the ROAD" before that. I couldn't get that book out of my head for awhile. A real study of human nature when the lives of people are stripped of everything. It really makes you think about whats important. ( Getting a gun)

I highly recommend seeing "Avatar". It lives up to all the hype. I saw "Up in the air" last night. I liked that alot too. George can't do a bad movie.

I finished my window. It's pretty big. i have no idea where to put it. 24x36 . So now onto my next project. A stained glass lamp. Shouldn't take to long.


Simply Iowa said...

Hey Cathie,
Yes, I know what you mean... I think that goes on a lot! I am soo glad you got your computer goin'! And I, too, wish people would think, a little more about things... Our whole way of living is so out of balance...it makes me want to cry...
Barb C.

Diane Irvine Armitage said...

Wow - fabulous stained glass! You sure have been busy with lots of creative things. I love the tiles you made too. You are very inspiring!

Prairie Gothic said...

Glad your computer is fixed and that window is beautiful!

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Cathie!
You should have come up! Just for fun! This lttle show is fun, and affordible! Next year!
Hope to see ya!
Barb C.

A Wild Thing said...

When your window popped up, girl I thought I was in Florida...IT'S FANTASTIC!!! I wish I would take the time to read, I always have so much to do that at the end of the day I'm just pooped and fall asleep at the turn of the first page.

I'm dying to see Avatar, that will have to be a purchase, so I can take myself away to an exotic world at will.

I watched a great show tonight on modern marvels about new technology in wind energy, wtaer purification and cars that run on compressed air, they're cheap and really rather cool looking...Mexico and India are really interested in these for their polluted cities...wonder if I could fit a dresser in the back of the family sedan...hmmmm...better keep my truck just in case!!!

Was up to Sisters' today redoing the upstairs and just Spring cleaning...SOOOOO glad you are back on line...I need a lil' Cathie fix too...see ya lil' friend, can't wait to get my hands in the dirt, how 'bout you???


Laura Rodgers said...

glad you're back! i had a few computer issues too in the past few months. LOVE the window. Your work is fabulous!