Tuesday, May 18, 2010

gorgeous flower tuesday

well it's still Tues, so hear it is. An old shrub rose, in it 1 moment in glory. Short blooming time, but, worth it every year.


A Wild Thing said...

A plant slob...I love that...LOL...you are the best girl and I love you for every quirk you have and I don't believe a word of it, your yard and plants are wonderful...remember, Nature isn't perfect either, there is a purpose to all that exists on our little stay here. I love the shots of my iris growing up through the tall strands of bluegrass, some would stick up there nose, but to me it looks like there once was a farmstead there, all gone now 'cept for the iris...that to me is a perfect garden.

When you garden in sandy loam, you never quite know what, where and when will come up...but I can die happy now...I finally have toads...it's the little things you know!

I now hear quail call in the morning in my tall grasses and my meadow lark is back...I don't think I could live anywhere else on Earth but Iowa...'cept maybe Florida in the winter, but if I get a wood burning stove hooked up this summer, I will never want to leave again!

Love you too sistah...you da bomb!!!


lsg said...

Cathie, I have been traveling for two weeks and will be home Monday. Wait till you see all the great photos I took. The roses look fab. Wasn't I supposed to get a peice of that plant????See you soon. laura