Friday, June 18, 2010

Cool Hoya Bloom

I ordered this hoya from Logee catalog last year. Its a" hoya archboldiana" and look at the gorgeous bloom 1 year later. The vine is still pretty short but, bloomed regardless. I've never seen a hoya bloom like this one.


Gary said...

cc, Your hoya blooms are absolutely mesmerizing ... dare I say almost "hypnotic". I have never heard/seen such a plant before but will have to add it to my list of look up's. - G

A Wild Thing said...

If anyone could entice a bloom my dear, it would be you.

I love the story of Annie, how cool is it that you have this wonderful that me in another 20 years...

I drove to Sisters' today, right into the eye of the beast, then back into it on the way home...what a storm!!!! Got some great shots of the wall cloud though. I just want to go to my garden without boots on. Boy are the flowers lush, my elephant ear is loving it outside and getting bigger...LOVE IT!!!

See ya sista!