Sunday, January 9, 2011

New amaryllis bloom

Isn't this a beauty! Something about a bloom from an amaryllis bulb, they are AWESOME. To bad they don't have scent to match.


Gary said...

The NAME!!! Which one of the amaryllis is this? I don’t think I have ever come across one with the pedals so deeply colored / outlined. Truly a beautiful flower.

Now about your cookie post (how I overlooked that one I don’t know). When I have that happen to me I just quarter it and roll the quarters up leaving about a half inch diameter whole in the center (your basic cookie tube) then I fill it with cake icing of whipped cream then freeze, once frozen slice into rounds. – G

PS, how’s the wrist doing?

A Wild Thing said...

Why do they just keep breeding out the scent, like roses, that was half the fun of getting a bouquet...ahhh that fragrance!!!

I LMAO when I saw your cookies...must be something in the air, I made a batch too last week, they were beautiful, but so crisp I was afraid I would break a tooth! Are we losers or what in the baking dept...HyVee saved the day again!