Saturday, April 2, 2011

John waters and divine

Last night bill and i went to the Englert theater in Iowa city to see John waters. We had great seats up front and We were laughing from the time he came out to the time he left the stage. He was funny. What an interesting guy. He talked about everything, from his movies and his life experiences.What a story teller he is.My sense of humor is kind of different, but,i found his humor very very funny. He's not for everybody. We had a fabulous time out and we topped it off with the best pizza EVER, Pagliais Pizza.


the Black Purl said...

Wooooah am I ever jealous! I've been a huge Waters fan since I was a teenager. That sounds like so much fun!

A Wild Thing said...

What a blast, isn't it great living near Iowa City and all of it's stuff going on...always wished I could've been more involved in it. My Grandson loves living there...Muscatine sucks on so many levels...ha!

If ya need me I'll be in the coop...ha...hope it survived the hurricane last night...GEESH, what wind and hail! Did West Branch get hit hard too???