Sunday, July 31, 2011

body world

Today bill and i went to Des Moines to see "Body world". It was incredible. It was so hard to believe it was actual bodies and organs we were looking at. It was pretty impressive. For anyone not familiar. In 1977, "Plastination" was invented as a way to preserve medical specimens without formaldehyde. The technology replaces natural fluids with a flexible plastic. The result is amazing. You can see tendons and capillaries organs, muscle as they are.They have people posing in different activities, dancing (flamingo dancer) acrobats, runners. If you get the chance to see it, go it's worth a visit. They are looking for donors.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Certainly rather strange, we think, but of great interest we are sure although possibly this would not be our first choice in exhibitions. That said, it is always good to experience new and unfamiliar things.

Gary said...


I must admit that I had never heard of this preservation method, interesting. I am going to have to catch up with a mortuary science friend of mine and inquire further into this subject. – gary

cconz said...

It was at the des moines science center. The exhibit showed black lung, clogged arteries and a brain with Alzheimer. A sliced body to show obesity. I think they were trying to tell people exercise and quit smoking, and eat right. It really was interesting to say the least.

Chris said...

I've been hearing about this for years. I've always wanted to see it, but somehow never did. It's kind of gross and fascinating at the same time.

Bohemian said...

You know I wanted to see this so badly when it was in Phoenix recently & I never got the chance to make it! Hopefully it will come by again??? I think it is fascinating & so Artfully done.

Glad you enjoyed the Post shout-out I did about your Blog... I totally understand about the masses not understanding my preferences & lifestyle... that is why it was so very refreshing to find more Gypsy & Boheme' Souls here in the Land of Blog... I never knew there were so many of us. *Winks*

Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian