Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sick as a dog

Both bill and i have been sick. It's going on 2 weeks. Dr. said it's a viral infection (in my lungs). It sucks. Sleeping all day, With so much to do. No appetite, no energy. So hopefully pick-up some antibiotics on Monday.
There has been some crazy things going on at the care center where my mom is. That has taken a toll on me. She had bruises and a cut on her ear. It seems to have been a girl that has been wonderful, very caring, professional. I felt mom was in good hands. Mom said they had a brawl (wrestled) and fell together. After having a very bad verbal fight. So did this happen or did mom fall (herself.) She can't remember anything that happened. I can't imagine this girl doing this, but.... Mom is fine and the girl suspended. there is a state inspection and a hearing and interviews. I'm leaning to the fact that this girl did have some altercation with my mom, but, no one knows what exactly. Mom is already moving on. forgotten.


Gayle said...

That's hard stuff with your Mom, I would be beside myself!!
Feel better soon.....Bill too!!

Gary said...


Hoping you guys get to feeling better shortly, should I live closer I would be knocking on your door with a little home made chicken soup. I splash a little pepper vodka in my medicinal chicken soup (wink).

And the worry you must be feeling is unimaginable. Your concern for your mothers well being and now having it compounded by this. And in your field I know you would know the pattern of bruising was caused by a fall or by physical altercation with someone. I will stop short of a rant here but will state that I can think of no, “NO” reason for the use of heavy physical force use in either assisted living or care centers, no matter the age of the resident. Oh, sorry I did rant, but I am passionate about care given to “anyone”. – gary

cconz said...

In the begining i was giving julie the benfit of the doubt, because she was so good with mom. But, i don't really know her and mom's story never changes. She may have demencia but, she remembers certain things. poor mom.

A Wild Thing said...

I'll never EVER forget the look on my Granny's face as two big burly care-givers carried her under her arms to the room for a shower. Granny said she had to sit on a metal table cause she couldn't stand, she was freezing. She told me it was horrible...we took her out the next day! Very scary huh!

Sure hope you guys start to feelin' better, I've been lucky, but then I don't work at the hospital or have to go to a nursing home...CRAZY!!!

Take care little buddy!!!