Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm still here. I've bee busy working on my niece's present. It's a tribute to her Grandmother. It's okay for my 1st try at this. Making and stamping and painting all my own tiles from polymer clay. I also used some of her old jewelry. Glass tiles and milliflora. I will say it was a lot of fun making. What next.


Gayle said...

Wow!! This is so cool. What a lot of work and many hours I am sure!!
What next indeed.......can't wait to see!!

A Wild Thing said...

As always, girl you have conquered another are so brave and adventurous...and did I mention tenacious!!! It is absolutely amazing, she'll LOVE IT!!!

Gary said...

I am “so envious” of your skills, talents and imagination !!! Your have truly elevated sentimental mementos to an high art form, wonderful !!! This work put a whole new meaning on the phrase, “the sum of its parts”. And yes I reset my display settings so I could look at each tile, lol. I would love to know the back story on the fob looking piece that is inscribed with Cherish 2240, is this some type of key tag or is a pure creation, but still would like to know about it.
Hoping the winter squall that swept across did not disrupt the end of the week for you guys. Take care and looking forward to seeing more tile art. – gary

cconz said...

Thanks so much gary. Believe me gary, everyone has a talent and imagination. Even YOU gary, with all your designing at at fox paw lodge. unfortnunatly there is no good story for the fob. I found a big bag of old copper trunk parts, I used one for mold. I pressed clay into it and presto, i had a little coin in my junk pile that fit perfect.

Linda said...

Just found your blog from Air Bohemia...LoVe your clay work...This really came out great...I have been working more with clay lately and this is very inspiring!!

Love your blog...and your dog<3

Peace, Linda :)