Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy thanksgiving everybody!!

I know everybody loves the holidays. I am working. But, that's OKAY. I volunteer. The hospital usually is slow. But, transplants are always happening on the holidays. Someone asked why would that be. Well, maybe people feel more giving on the holidays. Or maybe they are always happening and since there are no scheduled cases there are just the usual amount of transplants. Those aren't scheduled. Let's just say "people are more giving during the holidays"
I know i will let them take everything that can be used. I am a donor. Why wouldn't you be. You can't take it with you. How many people do you know that have had one or need one. Lots of people that's a fact. Go on get on the organ donor list. You will make someones day "Someday".


Gayle said...

Cathie what a great reminder to us all in this season of giving and being thankful. I am sure there are many out there that are thankful for donors, now and all year long.

Wishing you and Bill and all the others that are spending their holiday working in hospitals a
Happy Thanksgiving.

Hugs ,

Gary said...


And “Happy Thanksgiving” to you too. You will not be alone working on the day. Many of us also “choose” to work the day also. I personally find I get lots more work done and actually use the Thanksgiving holiday to start closing out current year data files and set up the next years files so that when New Years comes I am ahead of the game.

Hoping you guys get a little relaxed time in and maybe get to enjoy a turkey sandwich, take care. - gary

A Wild Thing said... it is Thanksgiving morning and what am I doing, making soap...I have 3 orders to is Thursday, just another day of the year, 'cause I am thankful every day to just be alive in the moment, to breathe the air(not in Muscatine though)(cough, cough)and to have great friends and family(most of the time)...

But as we celebrate a holiday, I can't help thinking of the tale of the Indians sharing their bounty with the Pilgrims, just before we stole all their sacred lands and forced them into starvation...where's the celebration there...don't get me started on Christmas!!!

You and Bill have a wonderful day, I know you will, you guys are the bomb...I'm still drooling over those hornet's nests!!!

Love you sister!