Monday, January 9, 2012

What we learned from this trip

Before we left for our trip. We quickly realized, it's not the kind of trip most people take. The reaction from friends and others was "Your going where"" and doing WHAT"? Your not going to stay in Cancun and drink margarita's on the beach? You know it's dangerous and people are getting killed down there. The drug cartel is everywhere. The people are dirty and nasty. You'll get car jacked. and robbed. Oh we heard it all.
We had been there before and loved everything about it. But, never rented a car before. We always stayed in budget hotels run by the locals. We weren't worried.
This time round it was a bit different. That part of the country was always poor, it was worse. We were the only travelers for days. We ran into more nice and genuinely happy people. They make do with what they have. They might live in a primitive way. That doesn't mean they aren't clean. The only ones we didn't trust wore police uniforms. They were scary.
The other difference was the markets. Last time was full of strange and unusual things from art to animals hanging (chickens, pigs) food and clothing. This time it was blocks and blocks of stuff made in china. I was breaking out in hives from the unnatural materials. It was so sad. CHINA , it's everywhere.
There were no tourists so they made no money. So if you can GO! It's a fascinating experience, the people are wonderful and it's beautiful.
The kindest thing that someone said to us was "You two are NOT tourists, you are travelers" You go out and want to learn about my people and our cultures. That was the nicest thing he could have said to us.
People are the same everywhere.


Gayle said...

I look at your pictures and it makes me want to go SO BAD!!! We have talked about it several times,
but we are in the group of too wary to go. There are probably places that are safer than others, but for now I will just look at your pictures longingly.

China.......don't get me started!!
We live in a country bought and paid for by China. It makes me sick. And I fear we haven't seen anything yet. I try hard to not buy things made in China. It's very hard. Did you know blogs aren't allowed in China? Hmmmm, wonder why.

Gary said...


That first picture says it all! Two “traveling” spirits in flight in time and space, truly a wonderful picture of you guys. As far as the safety thing goes I guess it’s all down to a perspective way at looking at the world around us. You guys were probably safer in a foreign country, walking around ancient ruins, then have of the people at WalMart’s on Black Friday. And dare I say you got way more out of it then a flat screen TV, the memories to last a life time. – gary

Bohemian said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Traveling. I want to go since we have Family down there but my Son-In-Law, who is a National, knows the risks of a Woman & small Children traveling alone far into the interior, even by bus, and so I don't have a Peace about it just yet. Though I desperately want to see the newest G-Babies in person for the first time and their older Sister who was only an Infant during our last visit. Our Daughter loves it there and concurs with your and my assessment, the Locals have always been gracious Hosts and the Gift of Hospitality was everywhere we went. It is just a shame that right now the criminal element have put such a damper and negative impact on the Tourist Industry, which does create much needed income for many of the people.

Dawn... The Bohemian

A Wild Thing said...

I have to say that I'm one of the lucky ones to know you and Bill two are definitely travelers, it brought a tear to my eye, so sad what is happening in this beautiful world, guess we better learn some Chinese huh!!! But again, you guys are so unpretentious, you just blend in...and I've seen your aura my friend, so I know you are protected, would've loved to have been there with ya, drooling over the ruins and shooting the flora(and drinking the Mexican beer), you were in paradise my friends!

BTW...there would be dust bunnies and cobwebs all over my curtains as well...I call it PATINA!!!

Luv U lil' sis!


kartika said...

The China thing is really freaky! The local arts and crafts are amazing and I hate to hear that! So happy to hear you took the trip - you went for the adventure - awesome!!! Go girl!

Laura Rodgers said...

Oh Cathie, you and Bill travel the way we like to. we once drove to Mexico from IL. In Ireland we got invited into an Irish home for coffee, tea, and biscuits. Actually, we were in the Quad cities last weekend, did you see me?
Been on that Pinterest a lot lately as I just bought a laptop. Did a lot of arts and crafts for the holiday seasons and sales were quite good. Steampunk jewelry inspiried by a friend was a blast. I will post soon. I work full time so the blog thing is always on the back burner. just got a commission for a kitchen backsplash too yay! Enjoy your blog A LOt, as you are inspiring and truly a kindred spirit! LR