Wednesday, March 14, 2012

new treasures

Iowa city had their annual antique show at the fair grounds. I usually find a few things. I walked in the door and spotted this beautiful shell. It was huge. I think i was born in the wrong part of the country. I can't get enough shells. I love them all. So needless to say, i walked out with it. I also found a cool hat holder. It must have been a store display or something. I bought 2. I have a small collection of vintage hats. The dust takes over to fast so they will stay in the hat boxes.


Gayle said...

Shells.......beautiful.......and what a specimen that one is!!!

Is the hand the hat holder? I love it!

Air Bohemia said...

Can you hear the ocean...I really miss the ocean, need a trip to Florida, but must find a chicken sitter!

Yeah and what is with all the dust anyway, it's everywhere...just be glad you don't groom dogs in your home, I have dust bunnies the size of chihuauas!


Cynthia Monica said...

Shells are so magical and mystical and that one is a beauty! I too love them and have a collection.

Gary said...

Pretty impressive shell! Wellll, if you ever get tired of it, I call dibs!!!, lol. And the hat holder is the boom, I need to come out and go treasure hunting with you guys. You find ALL the great stuff. – gary