Saturday, April 26, 2008

everything out!!!

Here's a look at my sunroom "before" the plants are outside. I can barely get around. But, I love it that way. Plus, all the rooms is the house have at least 3 to 4 plants also. All very large plants. We need a dolley and we also use a old funeral home gurney that we found in the dumpster of a funeral home. That works great. Every summer i end up getting more. "IT's an obbsession". I can't stop. If it's a beautiful plant "it's mine". We take all of them outside in the spring so i can clean the house and so they can grow another couple of feet. In the summer we just keep the breezes blowing thru the house. No air conditioning. Yes, there are still people out there with out ac, or a cell phone. Bill is a great sport. He never comlains about all the plants. Only when he wrenches his back taking the 10 ton elephant ear outside.then he grumbles alittle.

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A Wild Thing said...

Come on know you love it...that lil' Cathy is one of a kind, a jem to society...OK, maybe a little quirky, but would you have her any other way?!!!

PS. I just dragged mine all back in...again...