Wednesday, April 9, 2008

is it art?

I'm debating on weather i should change my blog name to "THIS Girls craft". I'd love to start selling some work. but, it's hard. i want to test the waters. I'd love to make pet collages and sell some mosaics. but, is it called art. i think I'm a wannabe, i couldn't draw my own stained glass designs if my life depended on it. i love Tiffany designs. plus, there are so many beautiful designs out there why would i like to draw my own. i have a friend who makes thousands of dollars with his Tiffany lamps. is that not an art choosing the right types of glass and the right colors. what i don't have is a good spiel. if you have a good spiel or rap you can sell 2 rocks glued together. i know I've seen it done. using words like reality and juxtapose and none it making any sense, but, know one knows what it means so it must be good. right!! oh well, i'll keep on crafting.

1 comment:

Gayle said...

you my friend ARE an artist!!!
One that works in many crafts.