Monday, June 2, 2008

Business isn't booming

Where are all the antique stores? Where are all the small businesses. My friend Sharon of just put up a post about closing shop, and just do shows and flea markets.They can't keep up with the overhead. I love shopping in antique stores. buying all your stuff off eBay is fine but, you lose the thrill of the hunt, and meeting people.traveling from town to town and seeing things you wouldn't have seen other wise, eating in restaurants you wouldn't have, if you weren't searching for that prize.granny's in Iowa city is closing it's doors this month. the Iowa city antique store on Gilbert closed this winter. My Friend Mary has a bead shop in lone tree. It's a great little shop. She opened last fall with high hopes but, it doesn't look to good for her. She'll be next.I agree with sharon, buy american!!! support our country, boycott walmart,everything is made to be disposable. that is such bullshit. where is QUALITY!!!

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kartika said...

Amen sister - sometimes it all comes together - I was thrilled you read my piece! Maybe I should keep posting - we just need to express it seems in all sorts of ways! I left a message on your blog! I did not see it though when I looked today - am am still learning about this stuff - anyway, I loved Granny's - used to go there more, but I stay pretty close to Fairfield lately and shop locally as much as I can - we have some fun places here to eat and shop and a great art walk each month. Keep creating! Kartika

June 5, 2008 11:55 AM