Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"more busts"


A Wild Thing said...

This is the difference between the collector and the shop owner...we know here which is which as Cathie and I tried our hand at 'the biz' together, me 15 years in the biz and Cathie still out of room, some people just can't let go of the stuff. But let me tell ya, she has some cool stuff and I am jonesin' for her toys (some were once mine). I just wish you all could step into her life and home, mouth agape the entire time at the magic her and Bill have formed in their lil' yellow granny's house and don't get me started on her beautiful yard and the all the kids (furry and feathered). You will never meet two more honest talented people you guys!

sharon soon as the road is repaired, I'll be knockin' on yer door for a photo shoot.

Prairie Gothic said...

I love your busts and your blog, I'll be back!