Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The elephant ear has been a favorite for many years, i have been bringing one potted up ear in the house for the winter,going on 9 years. It's huge! I can get the tropical feel here in Iowa.
i also scored on a gorgeous bird bath!! "the Seahorse bird bath". I've spotted them while on "RAGBRAI" in southern Iowa. i fell in love. So when i spotted it at "SISTERS", i said "SOLD".


A Wild Thing said...

I wondered who got that GREAT piece...you lil' devil. I'm sure it will make a great attraction in that beautiful garden of yours, did you see it on my post???

I'll have to stop by and take some shots, I can look for 'Shadow Shot Sunday' then...I'll be in touch...me

Tinoneetiger said...

Ah, are you going to mosaic this as well. My g/f did a bird bath in mosaic, whith shards of mirror as well. It turned out gorgeous. Don't you love getting a bargin...:)