Monday, July 14, 2008

Lillies are blooming

My favorite flowers are starting to burst open. i can't have to many lilies. Every year i say, "i need more lilies" When i was growing up in coucil bluffs,my dad had the most beautiful gardens. I remember him out there every morning making the rounds with 2 pekin ducks waddling right behind him, rooting for bugs.He always wore suits, he just wore old suits out in the gardens. He didn't own anything else. white shirts and suits and new and old Florsheim shoes. But, could he tend a garden and grew the most beautiful iris and lilies.


A Wild Thing said...

That is so cool about your Dad and his Dad is still wearing the undershirts he had when he was married to me Mum,35years ago, didn't know that fabric could get so thin, you can see through it...I think he has his first dollar too.

I'll post a pic when my Turks Cap Lilies bloom. I love them too, but hate the black pollen they leave all over me when I brush's like when you're painting and you don't change your clothes cause you won't get any paint on them...yeah right!!!


Tinoneetiger said...

What a beautiful lilly and memory...T