Monday, September 22, 2008

recent collage

I really have been neglecting my blog. sorry, but, I've been so busy with the yard and getting in lots of bike rides. I've got to get them in while i can. I went to the big fall event at sister's in kalona. She really can put on a great sale. It was stuffed with great antiques and fall harvests of gourds and huge mums. I have never seen so many mums. i didn't find any thing i needed, things i wanted, but, no room in my house.I have been puttering in my little studio, i made afew collages.I experimented with the paint over method. I read about it in somerset studio 's workshop issue. Where you take a picture of choice and glue it down and paint over it.
i can't draw well, so this is great. my 1st one of my mom at 17 with her dog "lady" is Little heavy handed. Oh, well it's my first attempt. hopefully I'll get better. But, it is fun to do.I took a picture of her and tore around it, then tore a picture of a doorway out of a garden magazine and blended the two together.


A Wild Thing said...

I love the work of your Mom, my first dog's name was lady too. This is a really cool all of them...bout' time you got back here girl. Was great to see ya, wish we could've spent more time usual!

love ya gal,

kartika said...

I love this one - want to use this technique myself sometime - go girl, Kartika