Wednesday, October 29, 2008

imaginary friend

To celebrate Halloween, I'll write about my own ghosts. I've had 2 houses that were haunted or had spirits residing. But, 1st The story of my nephew jesse. When he was about 3 years old, he was outside playing. He came in the house all animated saying that he was talking to "ouhy". "well where's "oughy now" ? his mom asked. "Well, he's here but, not here and he's crying and he's broken", as he's pointing to his for arm," I told him he didn't belong here." "i told him to go away. "
My sister in-law then realized something, something she had'nt thought of in years. She had a brother that killed himself at the age of 15, he hung himself. but, weeks before he died he had a compound fracture in his forarm. His name was "hughy"
coicidence? i think not.

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A Wild Thing said...

Ooooo...I just read this one...coincidence...I think not, but then again, you know me, always the believer.