Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, i finally had some time to work on a new collage. I'll call it "Time" because there's not alot of it. Hopefully the new generation will be a little brighter than we were. By making this planet a better place. Consumerism is outrageous.HAVE, HAVE, HAVE, Got to have the latest gadget. Then throw it in the trash 6 months later, broken, just buy a new one. Nothing is made to last. It's so hard to find Anything that quality. A big price tag doesn't mean good quality.I don't know the answer, but maybe it's "just don't buy it."


Mari Meehan said...

One exception! If I didn't have my big fancy Mac, which will be obsolete tomorrow, I couldn't keep track of you!

A Wild Thing said...

Beautiful girl...I just had this very conversation 20 minutes ago with my Grandson, who turns 21 on Jan. 1, if you don't pay attention now, it may be too late, it's up to his generation. I don't think my daughter's generation gets it. It's all coming back to bite us on the ass and we will all suffer!

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