Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My flowers are popping!!

Wow, all the lilies are blooming along with everything else. I have alot of lilies. I add more every year. It's an obsession. When we moved in, that was in 1986. The yard was baron. The house was farm white. Not 1 tree or flower. On two lots, there were a few peony bushes and 2 shrub rose bushes. We went crazy planting trees and shrubs and a huge flower bed around the outer borders of the yard. I started out with lots of annuals, and gradually moved in perennials (which i started from seeds). Now it's almost all perennials with annuals in flower pots scattered around. I started out with an abundance of sun. Now with all the trees growing tall and full. Lots of shade is taking over. It's time to move some sun loving plants out of the shade. It never stops changing.


Lori R. said...

I love your yard and while looking at your pics, I love the music you picked out. Speechless is a beautiful song! It does sound like we followed the same paths with our houses starting out with little and now, wow, time to replant and move them!!! I have the same passion for lilies too!!!

kartika said...

This is so pretty - I love flowers so much and all the plantings that come up in the spring! I just brought my porch plants inside for the winter and am feeling like picking up knitting! Kartika