Monday, November 30, 2009

tiles are done

Oh wow!! my tiles are done and look fab on my oak fern stand. I have to stain and varnish the stand. But i think they fit great on the top. with a little trim on top to frame them in. Still some mistakes but, the more i do the better i get. A few spots didn't get 2 coats of paint. and are lighter. Don't look to close at my floor. I tracked in some mud. My next project.I've already started, is a Stained glass window 30" x 24" of 2 egrets in flight. A later post.

I looked at used cars today and and test drove a 93 and a 94 and a 2000 Toyota Camry. I liked them all, but drove home the 2000 for bill to check it out. i have to decide tomorrow. I am sold on Toyota's. They go and go forever. I have a Toyota tercel now that i bought 8 years ago for 3000.00 It's the best 3000.00 i ever spent. It still runs great but, looks like crap. I have fears driving it on interstate. Over 200 thousand miles and going 75 miles an hour on interstate, well, i fear of something blowing.


A Wild Thing said...

WOW, they are just beautiful!!!Can't wait to see the egrets...girl you just amaze me!!!

I'm trying to muster the ambition to paint some wildlife scenes, I have a commission for a pheasant, so I hope the sun is shining Sunday, that's my projected day to begin...once I just get started, then I'm good to's just getting started, been so busy at the Candle Shed, haven't had much time for the fun stuff...soon!!!

Take care lil' buddy!

Lori R. said...

Cathie... those tiles are beautiful and what an excellent way to display them...
You may see the imperfections, but I only see beauty!!!

Laura Rodgers said...

fabulous!!!! You did a beautiful job. I have a stand just like that I think it was a wedding present.