Monday, February 1, 2010

gay adoption

I know I'm going to hit some nerves on this one, but, i haven't yipped about anything for a while.
I opened the Sunday paper and right there on the front page of the home section. I see a picture of Andy and Will with their adoptive family. 1 13 year old girl Hannah and her to biological brothers, ages 12 and 9. I read the article and i made me feel so good. It went on to say how this married couple (legal in Iowa) So much wanted children, a family to raise and call their own. It was a wonderful story. They both work as social workers and adoption is open (IN IOWA) . They fostered kids first and found some needy kids. They went on to say that all is well and happy and full of love. What gets me is that this story would upset some people. These 2 guys stepped up to the plate and gave a home to older kids. I saw once how many kids are in the system. Incredible. But, people want BABIES. That is bullshit. Also, They are going to turn those kids gay. What's up with that!!! What they did, makes me feel good about the world. This is what upsets me.
A woman i know, has a daughter.She had a gastric bypass at 15 years old. She is now early 20's and has 2 kids with different fathers. She lives with mom and dad. She has no job, has never had one. Her boyfriend (father) lives there too, also no job! Borrows the car of mother, get money from mom and dad and the state. Baby was defective so 3 surgeries later still in hosp. Who pays WE DO!!! they are on the state. I asked grandma "SO, anymore kids after this one" Being sarcastic. Oh she wants to have 3 more. WHAT HAPPENED TO TEACHING YOUR KIDS ABOUT RESPONSIBILITY AND BIRTH CONTROL!!! Every race has there trash. Harsh i know but, but, that's how i feel about it.


A Wild Thing said...

Don't even get me know how I feel about welfare and over-population...sterilization...
that's my vote. If you have one child, you may get some assistance...after that, you have more kids and still need assistance, then it's time to neuter!

Simply Iowa said...

Good Mornin' Cathie!
Seems, sometimes, everthing is so out of balance...It could take us a life time, to un-ravel the 'wondering why'... It is, I have heard, very difficult to adopt children, at any age... So if these folks have jumped through all of the hoops... whats up? The bottom line is, we are a 'humans'... About the ' how many kids should someone have, I remember my 2 brother's talking, one day...{ I was about 8 years old, and like a fly on the wall, at a family reunion} 1, has 5 children, the other 2, from 2 failed marriages... The brother with 2, said to the other, " why in the world did you have so many kids?", My other brother replied, "which one shouldn't I have?"... It stopped #1, cold... as they watched all of the children playing together, at the reunion...{ I don't think they ever needed help, the don't have tons, but are all hard workers... That is what we need to work on... You get a check, from the Gov. You work. And I think those measures are in place... More than you might think. Check out the guidelines, for people on welfare... They aren't living it up, I am sure...}
It takes a, white, red, purple, green, gay or not...
Barb C.
Thank God we don't live in a country where you are allowed one child, and if it's not a boy, they dispose, and keep trying 'til they get one...if we lived there, we may not be having this discussion...
Love to ya,
Barb C.

Chris said...

Not only do they want babies, they want WHITE babies. They will go to Russia or even China to get them.

This reminds me of the court case attempting to over turn Prop 8 in California. The people against gay marriage claim it is detrimental to traditional marriage. The judge asked them how, and they had no answer. I am heterosexual and I am married. It makes no difference to me or my husband if somewhere a gay couple is married. I'm not going to "turn gay" any more than they are going to "turn straight."