Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marijuana growing among the AARP set

SURPRISE!! The laws they WILL be a changing. Iowa is trying to pass medical Marijuana. I hope they do. In the article i read today. It told the story of an 88 year old woman who wakes up with her morning coffee and new york times and a pipe bowl loaded with pot. It helps her arthritis. She threw out her prescription pain pills. The pot has no nasty side affects and helps with the pain. I'm not a big pot smoker or a drinker. But, i do smoke and drink,usually when out with friends. I prefer the pot. It makes me feel good. I still have control over myself. I can drive home and wake up feeling fine. If i had children. I'd feel better if they were out experimenting with pot over alcohol. I see one reason it's not legal is because the drug companies wouldn't make a profit off it. The other reason , people that are against it have never smoked it.
I have found that if i smoke it before i head out antiquing, I'm more focused. I think anything in excess is bad. Drinking and smoking or eating or texting or what have you is fine, if done within reason. What's all the hub-bub, bub.
One last thing, maybe when i have to go to a nursing home (Heaven forbid) they will be passing out joints and hallucinogenics. The ONLY way to pass the time away in a nursing home. The music they will be playing every morning will be "Stayin Alive" by the bee gees. Disco baby!!


Gary said...

cc, great post. I don't smoke it myself, drug free work place with spot testing. But I have in the past. The other reason it is not legal is it's hard to "TAX". Un-like un-taxed alcholol which requires a large setup with the "M" all you need is a little dirt, a little water, a little light. As always love reading your post. Have a great day. - G

Chris said...

Yo, what is up with that super cool Iowa? First same sex marriage, now this! Did you ever see the movie Little Miss Sunshine? In it is a grandpa that got kicked out of a nursing home for doing Heroin! Hilarious.

I've been known to smoke a doob occasionally. I think some people are still thinking it's reefer madness. Another hilarious movie, by the way. I don't know what they were smoking, but I never once felt like jumping out a window. Too ambitious.

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Cathie!
YOU CRACK ME UP!!!! I am not a pot smoker...{ I have way too red of a neck!} I did try it, when I was young, a hundred years ago... I was soooo paranoid, and thought things were flyin' at me... ah, it aint for me! Give me a few shots of Yukon Jack, blended whiskey, and all is truly right with the world!
The studies are very good, concerning pot, for many illnesses,{ the synthetic drugs are a mess... I am a firm believer, that God gave us everything we need, to keep us healthy... He just didn't know how money grubbing, pharmisutical companies can be...} and I hope they do legalize it... But get ready, it'll be taxed, with every other thing...
You are such a cool cat... I love you, Cathie...
Barb C.

Laura Rodgers said...

Cathie dear,
Wow! We sure think alike. I also partake in both w/ friends and prefer the smoke. I was just kidding about retiring in Calif. for medicinal pot. Has anyone ever been hospitalized from smoking pot? Probably not, nor died from it. Can't say that about cigs and alcohol! Oh yes, anything in excess is bad for you. Variety is the spice of life! : )

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Cathie,
I LOVE both of the old cupboards!!!! Dang! I love too many things... Trouble! I really love your frogs! They make me laugh, everytime I bring your blog up!
Barb C.
{ about pot not causing one to be hospitalized... Well, if I would have ever driven, after smoking it, I would have caused a 90 car pile up... I tuly thought everything was headed straight for me!!! YIKES!!! Guess I'm a light weight!}

deb did it said...

Amen Sister!