Monday, March 1, 2010

Blooming houseplants

Signs of spring are here. All my houseplants are starting to bloom and shoot out new growth. I started fertilizing every other watering and spraying the leaves with sea kelp every 2 weeks. I have been lucky, I've only spied scale on 1 plant. I have been using a systemic pesticide. I've mixed granules in the top soil. It's been working great for warding off scale and everything for about 3 years running. It's called "Systemic Houseplant insect control" Bonide makes it. The 1 plant that had scale, didn't have this in it. I'm terrible at know the names of all my begonias. I had 40 different types. I've narrowed it down. I classify myself as a "plant HOARDER". Oh no! I've admitted it. If i see it, if i want it, i get it. Where will i put it? I'll find a spot. I'm that way with most things actually. I may be on a future show of "Hoarders".


Gary said...

cc, I don't thinks it's hoarding if it's alive, I think it's called gardening (LOL). And my closet full of old news papers is called archiving (LOL). But all kidding aside "GREAT" pictures. - G

Lori R. said...

love your plants! Love the color of the flowers. I used to have tons of plants until I got a cat that loves to eat them. So I got rid of everything. I love my kitty too much. What a cheery room(s) you must have.

A Wild Thing said...

Love the amaryllis...and the begonias...if anyone has ever walked through your yard, they will truly see what a wild child you have two green thumbs...and your house is a wonderland and retreat for the wild things in the winter!

Love your countdown to'll be soon now!!!

deb did it said...

your green thumb is BEAUTIFUL...thanks for your sweet comments on my blog....I wish you would allow me to photograph you someday...I think you would love what I see!