Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My little green man

I took this nice picture of smiley. He's such a handsome boy and a really great bird. He's got the Latin temperament, just keep all hands away if his eyes are dilating. His vocabulary is pretty extensive, mostly songs from old cartoons. namely bugs bunny cartoons. Mammy's little baby, we were sailing along on moon light bay. hooray for Hollywood. You get the idea. We hand fed him, he was a little baby. This was about 27 years ago. I just started singing to him a verse at a time, he picked it right up. Parrots are AWESOME.


A Wild Thing said...

Then there's Greta...ha!.He is so beautiful, but there's always a trick with owning a animal, you have to know their moods or you suffer the consequences...OUCH!!!

Check out the blog Bohemian Valhalla, she has a post on Carol Bolton, she's a Texas designer that has the most decadent furniture(E J Victor), first saw her back in the 80's in Victoria magazine, you would love her die for!!!

Chris said...

Wow, he really is beautiful. 27 years! I have a kid that old.

k said...

I concur, parrots are awesome!!

Bohemian said...

Oh he's lovely... my Bro' has a Parrot, but he's a one person Bird and when my Bro' is out of town the rest of the Family has fits trying to woo his Feathered Baby into not being hostile towards them & totally temperamental... he pouts so when his Human Daddy is gone! *winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian